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Humble Arma 2018 Bundle

As is customary from HB, every Tuesday brings a new game bundle at a good price. This time it’s dedicated to the famous ArmA: Armed Assault franchise from the studio Bohemia Interactive, which had previously worked on another well-known combat simulator, Operation Flashpoint. This bundle consists of four tiers, ranging from the usual dollar (US$1.0) to 20 dollars (US$20). Considering the current exchange rate in Colombia, it’s a good buy for tactical combat game enthusiasts, especially when compared to prices on Steam, even during promotional seasons.

The content of Humble ArmA 2018 Bundle is as follows:

Tier 1:

For one dollar (US$1.0):

Tier 2:

For 15 dollars (US$15):

Tier 3:

For 15 dollars and a bit more (US$15.83) or more, the price increases depending on the average:

Tier 4:

For 20 dollars (US$20):

As mentioned before, the price is very good for everything this bundle offers. Personally, for now, I would buy up to Tier 2, but if you want to experience the entire franchise, Tier 3 is good as well, and it doesn’t raise the price much. For GNU/Linux, this bundle only includes Arma Tactics, a poorly-rated turn-based strategy game on Steam, and Arma 3, which is an experimental beta port, which is why it doesn’t show as supported on Steam, but it is entirely playable.

The games can be activated on Steam (GNU/Linux, Mac OS, MS Windows). The bundle will be available until June 12th.

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