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Humble Monthly - September 2018

Humble Monthly - September 2018

Just a few days left to find out the full content of the Humble Monthly for September. This Humble Monthly comes with early access to Tales of Berseria, a good JRPG and part of the well-known Tales series, Sniper Elite 4, which puts us in the shoes of a sniper in World War II, and Staxel, a game designed in voxel, much like Minecraft, where the goal is to create a farm. This Humble Monthly brings, for the first time, the option to exchange any of the previous titles for the game Rise of the Tomb Raider. Let’s hope this option becomes popular, and we can see it in the upcoming releases of Humble Monthly.

The rest of the titles that are part of this Humble Monthly will be revealed on the first Friday of September, so you have until September 7 before noon to subscribe.

What is Humble Monthly?

Humble Monthly is a monthly subscription system created by HB, which, for a monthly payment, delivers a certain number of games. HB guarantees that the games have never been in another bundle before; they are generally AAA and indie titles with high ratings from users and specialized critics. Humble Monthly is released on the first Friday of each month and includes one early access title, sometimes two. At the end of the month, when the Humble Monthly for the next month is released, the other titles in the package are revealed, in addition to the “Humble Originals”, which are exclusive games only accessible with Humble Monthly; most of them are experimental, but some have made it to Steam. In addition to this, we have access to the Humble Trove, which includes DRM-free titles, ranging from titles included in previous bundles, not only from Humble Monthly, and the “Humble Originals”; they are only available when the subscription is active.

The subscription can be canceled if we are not interested in the early access game or if our budget does not allow it, and we can reactivate it the following month. HB also offers subscription cycles of three, six, and 12 months, with a slight discount. The normal monthly price is US$12, a really low price for the titles included.

There is still time to subscribe!


A bit late with the update on the release of the rest of the games for the Humble Monthly of September, but here they are:

Another Humble Monthly with a mix of AAA titles and outstanding indies.

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