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Humble Sports Bundle

It’s Tuesday, and as is customary for HB, they deliver a new edition of their famous bundles. This installment, called Humble Sports Bundle, is dedicated to sports games, and it couldn’t be named otherwise. It’s a collection of competitive titles, more focused on motorsports, as 50% of the bundle’s content is dedicated to this discipline. As usual, or most of the time, there are three tiers, and none are DRM-free. Also, as always, it starts with the classic Pay what you want! tier for one dollar (US$1.0), which is tier 1, up to the Pay XX or more to also unlock! tier for 12 dollars (US$12), which is the last tier. The content of Humble Sports Bundle is as follows:

Tier 1 - Pay what you want!:

For one dollar (US$1.0):

Tier 2 - Pay more than the average of XX to also unlock!:

For now, it’s at five dollars, remember that the price varies (US$5.0):

Tier 3:

For 12 dollars (US$12):

Also included in tier 2 is a 75% discount for Football Manager 2018, which, although a good game, is not worth it. It seems that up to tier 2, the investment is reasonable; tier 3 is for F1™ fanatics. The games that interest me the most are those that have support for GNU/Linux, and in the Humble Sports Bundle, there are four titles, all available from tier 2 onwards, and they are: Motorsport Manager, DiRT Rally, Super Blood Hockey, and F1™ 2017. The games are activated on Steam (GNU/Linux, Mac OS, MS Windows), and it will be available until August 14.

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